Embroidery Samples - The Fantasy Collection


DragonladyDesigns ™ features fantasy scenes including dragons, wizards, knights and ladies.

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DragonladyDesigns™ : The logo is executed using stranded cotton and metallic thread on a cotton polyester fabric. Illuminated manuscripts inspired the design. It features a variety of stitching including: back, chain and detached chain, double cross, interlaced running, satin stem and wave filling stitches, ‘lazy daisy’, French knots, seeding and couching.

Another fantasy picture was called ‘Taming the Dragon’. It is worked on unbleached calico, and has used stranded cotton and hessian threads, the latter couched onto the tree as well as appliqued chiffon for the dragon's wings, metallic thread for his scales and polyester threads for the maiden's hair. Back, satin and stem stitches have been used amongst others.



This next picture came from reading the story 'Wintersmith' one of the latest Discworld novels by Sir Terry Pratchett, with his kind permission (obtained via his agent).

The book is a further development of the story of the young witch, Tiffany Aching... not forgetting her pixie pals, the McFeegles. I have included quite a few elements of the story within my design which is worked in manipulated fabric, applique, fabric paint, hand embroidery and beading. The hanging measures 435mm x330mm.
Exhibited at the Pier Arts Centre, Stromness, Christmas 2010/2011



'Green Man at Twilight'

The Green Man has a long history, appearing in many carvings throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. My interpretation suggests he is virtually invisible during the daylight hours, being hidden by green foliage but becoming more apparent as twilight falls. This design was executed in manipulated fabric, applique, fabric paint, hand embroidery and needle-felting. Attached to the bottom of the hanging is a poem explaining him, printed onto calico.


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