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There is often confusion between ‘Jacobean’ embroidery and crewel work. Without going into too much detail here, crewel work is usually done with crewel wool (a lightly twisted two-ply worsted yarn) on an open weave linen or linen/cotton mix; ‘Jacobean’ (though wrongly named) is particularly associated with the embroidery of the 17th century and a revival in the 20th century of the same design and stitch styles.
‘Jacobean’ designs feature large, exotic, stylised flowers and leaves, often springing from a tree trunk. Sometimes these have small hills or hummocks at the base, and animals such as stags, rabbits, squirrels or birds are included.

In these embroideries, the design style and typical stitches have been used, though not all the pieces are worked with crewel wool.

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'Flower 1'

Uses stranded cotton on a cotton ground, featuring chain, half-fly, long and short, satin and stem stitches with four-legged and French knots.

'Flower 2'

A different design, worked with stranded cotton on a cotton fabric using similar stitches to Flower 1.

'Flower 3'

This flower is worked with stranded cotton on linen using stem, chain and feather stitch.

'Flower 4'

Worked on cotton lawn using feather, running, satin, stem stitches and French knots.

'Flower 5'

Worked on a painted linen background with stitched 'accents' in seeding, running, stem and buttonhole stitches with French knots.

'Flower 6'

Worked in a variety of stitches on linen, then backed with organza

'Flower 7'

As above, worked on linen, then backed with red silk.

'Flower 8'

Worked on linen using among others, chain, fishbone, stem and satin stitches.

'Flower 9'

This design uses chain, stem and back stitch on polyester cotton.

'Flower 10'

The design was first embroidered on linen in satin, stem and back stitches, and then appliqued onto satin.

'Flower 11'

Satin, stem, long, chain and feather stitches are used on linen for this design.

These and other designs can be embroidered onto clothing, bags or household linens. Examples of a book cover/jacketand a bag are shown below:-

Jacobean / crewel designs also feature in the greetings cards selection.

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