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I started making rag dolls for fun and for family members. Some of them, particularly the sewn Viking costume dolls are collectors' dolls rather than toys as they have beads and buttons and are not suitable for young children.

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Miranda is 18” tall, made of poly-cotton and stuffed with polyester wadding. Her features, including the freckles, are embroidered and her hair is made from umpteen twists of ‘ginger’ and brown mohair wool sewn onto her head (ouch!).
She is wearing her best frock, pink polyester satin with lace and rosebuds, and a pair of suede slippers decorated with the same rosebuds. (She is too shy to show you her lace-and-rosebud-trimmed cotton knickers!)

Miranda went to her new home with a selection of other clothes for when the party was over.

Emily also moved into her new home wirh a full set of clothes

She wore her outdoor clothes including her suede boots.

She took her best party dress, bloomers and felt slippers, her play clothes and her night clothes.


Kate was made from a Valerie Janitch pattern for 'Kate Greenaway' dolls.

She only has one set of clothes including bloomers, dress, caped coat, shoes and bonnet. She too has found a family.


Rag dolls with one set of clothes are priced according to size, between £15 and £30. Extra sets of clothes are negotiable.

The Witch and her Cat.

This doll was made as a special present for a family member to play with when reading the stories about the witch.

She stands 22 inches high (not counting her hat!) and is accompanied by her cat, Wilbur.


The Viking Dolls

INGMAR is the first of the costume dolls. Ingmar is an 8th century Viking lady wearing an embroidered linen kyrtle, a woollen hangerok with 'bronze' tortoise brooches and 'amber' necklace. She also has a linen wimple, leather turnshoes and a leather bag. Ingmar has been sold.

'LADY OF SCAR' came next. She is named after the lady found in the Viking boat burial on the island of Sanday. She is also a high status lady wearing kirtle, hangarok, turn shoes and beautiful jewellery. She went to her new home in July 2009.

Then there was FREYA. This was an obvious name for her as her hangarok kept fraying whilst being made. Again she is a high status Viking lady, but bigger than her 'sisters', and has also found a new home.

The 'rag doll' Viking ladies sell for £25 (11 inch) and £35 (22 inch)

Now meet SWEYN ASLEIFSSON, mentioned in the 'Orkneyinga Saga' and given the soubriquet 'The Ultimate Viking'. Sweyn lived and farmed on Gairsay but when winter was over he went for his 'spring-trip' and after harvest he went for his 'autumn-trip'. These holidays abroad were actually raiding and plundering voyages to the Hebrides and Ireland. He has been described as charismatic but a ruthless, fearsome warrior.

Made from felt and standing 35cms tall, Sweyn is wearing leather turn-shoes and helmet, an embroidered linen shirt, embroidered woollen tunic and woollen breeches. He has a leather belt bearing his knife scabbard, an axe and a shield and wears a woollen cloak fastened with a brooch (button). (Sold)

Thora and Margad have been separated as the warrior has now gone to Finland.

Thora is still available at £30

Art Dolls

At 25cms tall, 'The Green man in Autumn' is an art/fantasy doll made from fabric and acrylic felt, with fleece, applique, embroidery and beads. He represents the 'Spirit of the Woods' as autumn begins. He emerges from a tree stump, and carries a staff on which a robin has perched.



The Viking Dolls

Small in stature at only 11 inches tall, but big in personality, are the knitted Viking farmer/warriors. These are my 'Jarl Squad'. They wear trousers, belted tunics, cloaks and a knitted cap/helmet. They carry an axe and shield. All the knitted Vikings are priced at £15 each.

From left to right: 1) Erik the Red, sold. 2) Olaf, sold. 3) Arnfinn , sold. 4) Thorbjorn, sold. 5) Erlend, sold

6) Thorfinn, sold 7) Haakon, sold 8) Sigurd (sold)

Also standing 11 inches high, the knitted Viking ladies all have embroidered kirtles, hangaroks, head covering and cloaks. Their hangaroks are fastened with brooches(buttons), from which are suspended their 'beads' .

From left to right: 1) Ragnhild, sold. 2) Ingirid, sold 3)Gunnhild, sold 4) Ingibjorg, sold

Still available at £15 each:



The Pirates and the Clown

'Pirate Gow' and the clown are knitted from Jean Greenhowe patterns. The clown has run away to the circus, but Pirate Gow has sailed away..

'Johnny Dunnock' is a pirate from the Caribbean who has strayed into Orkney waters. He is knitted to my own pattern and stands 52 cms high.

1) Pirate Gow (£15) 2) Clown (Sold) 3) Johnny Dunnock (Sold)



A soft toy bee made of commercial acrylic felt with organza wings was the first of the non-doll toys, made for a family member.

Stephen Stegosaurus, (or maybe Stephanie) is a stuffed felt toy sitting 31cms high. (£15)

A felt 'book' for toddlers, with fastening activities on all pages, and surprises in pockets. (Sold)



A selection of Christmas tree decorations from Jean Greenhowe patterns.

Baubles and stockings £1.50 or 4 for £5. Figures (Santa, Snowman, Angel, Choirboy), individually priced between £2.50 and £4.

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