Textiles and Embroideries


The techniques I use to make and decorate the fabric products are varied.

Some products are made using recycled materials (all are thoroughly cleaned before re-use) or off-cuts/end of rolls. Depending on the size of pieces such fabrics may be used whole or made into patchwork. Small-scale weaving and tapestry techniques, using a rigid-heddle loom or a tablet loom, hand knitting, crochet and felting are used for some of the hangings and practical articles such as hats, and bags.

(Detail from 'Rockpool')

Decoration of the products is done using crewel and freestyle surface embroidery, couching , quilting, fabric manipulation and beadwork. I work with different threads such as pure wool, wool mixes, pure silk, stranded cotton, hessian and metallic threads. For some of the more ’opulent’ items real gold and silver chains and gold, silver and semi-precious beads are used.

(Detail from DragonLadyDesigns logo)
My designs vary widely. As my business name suggests, fantasy ideas (particularly dragons!) are one feature, but contemporary style and reproductions of ethnic or historical needlework are also used. I enjoy trying to recreate prehistoric and historic designs like the carvings found on Viking artefacts or Pictish stones in fabric and thread

(Detail from 'Burrian Eagle')

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