My love of working with fabric, yarn and thread has been with me since childhood when I was taught knitting and embroidery by my mother and grandmother.

Embroidery is my first love, but I also use other techniques such as felting, hand-knitting, crochet, and small-scale weaving to produce my art works and practical items.

My designs vary. As my business name suggests, fantasy ideas (particularly dragons!) are one feature but contemporary style and reproductions of ethnic or historical needlework are also used. I like working pictures and wall-hangings based around the Celtic, Pictish and Viking heritage of Scotland in general and Orkney in particular and have collaborated with a photographer and a water-colourist to adapt and re-imagine their work in some of my textile pieces. Every piece being handmade will be unique.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the stitching of the Great Scottish Tapestry and was able to have stitches added to the panel by other Orkney island stitchers, Orkney school children and summer visitors. 

Jo Constantine